Blanket Pay Rise for Slovak Teachers Is Not a Solution

The Slovak education system has a number of problems but the generally low teacher salary is not one of them. Those who claim the opposite refer to an international comparison: the share of teachers’ wages in wages of university-educated people. Even the government reform plan says that this share reaches 88% on average in the EU, while Slovakia scores a little above 70%. This difference is identified as one of the main reasons why there is a necessity for a blanket pay rise for teachers in Slovakia.

Politicians as Investors

Who is the Oracle of Omaha? Warren Buffet, of course. Without any doubt, the name of this investor can easily be included among world celebrities such as Lionel Messi or Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former has a nose for football, the latter for breath-taking action movies – and Buffet has a good nose for investing.

The Bureaucracy Index 2020 and the International Bureaucracy Day

In 2016, Slovakia’s Institute of Economic and Social Studies (INESS) introduced the Bureaucracy Index, which draws attention to the amount of red tape a small entrepreneur has to navigate on a daily basis. The Index is based on a straightforward methodology, using the analysis of a model micro company and all of its bureaucratic obligations—such as taxes, worktime planning, health safety measures, and even waste management, among others—which are assigned a specific time cost.

INESS is an independent, non-governmental and non-political civic association. All of our activities are financed by grants, 2% tax allocation, own activities and donations from individuals and legal entities. Thus, our operation, scope and quality of outputs, largely depends on your generosity.

Economics Olympiad in Slovakia: 10 Key Findings

When it comes to real life problems, adults usually start reminiscing about their school days with a bit of bitterness. Sometimes, they blame teachers that had failed at teaching, and on other occasions they blame themselves for not paying more attention. The skills that are missing the most often are usually those related to Economics and Financial literacy.

If I Were Slovak Minister of Education

When you look closely into the part of the Programme statement of the Slovak government devoted to Education, you will find many well-meant objectives and ambitious measures. The first approach encompasses optimization of the network of schools, opening the textbook market, unification and equalization of financing, de-bureaucratization, or simplification of rules guiding establishment of primary schools.

Starting New Life (in Slovakia) with Coronavirus

Let us close our eyes and put citizens under house arrest for a few weeks. Then we open the eyes again and the virus is gone? This is not how it works. Yes, I have seen Chinese figures and I do not believe them either – gigantic continental China is supposed to have a similar number of new positive cases as the tiny Chinese Hong Kong?

With Kurzarbeit for Large Debts in Slovakia

The contest for who is more generous is on. Slovak large-scale employers want the highest possible wage compensation, looking up to the German or Austrian Kurzarbeit system, which covers up to 85% of wage costs. Journalists and some economists argue that we should borrow as much as we can. They claim that it is to save the economy, especially in terms of employment.


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