Entrepreneurs call for improving the business environment

The Economy Ministry has been working on several measures and promises more.

 Entrepreneurs call for improving the business environment

Slovakia’s economic and business sectors are thriving thanks to the generally positive development of its main trading partners. Economic growth has exceeded 3 percent and unemployment rates are hitting historical lows. However, employers are complaining about the lack of skilled labour force that augments the wages of workers while Robert Fico’s third government is introducing measures that increase employer costs. These measures impede improvement in the business environment.

"It can be said that the business environment in Slovakia is worsening in the long run and that Slovakia is becoming less competitive with neighbouring countries (the Visegrad group countries and Austria) as well as other post-communist countries in the EU," Martin Hošták of the National Union of Employers (RÚZ) told The Slovak Spectator. "The latest proposals to change legislation in the social sector only confirm this. The costs keep increasing due to legislative changes and this worsens competitiveness."

Peter Kremský, executive director of the Slovak Business Alliance (PAS), sees the business environment as worsening, especially in terms of bureaucracy, equality before the law, operation of the state, law enforcement, corruption and access to a labour force.

Martin Vlachynský, analyst for the economic think-tank INESS, listed among positive changes more generous flat deductible costs, which the self-employed will be able to enjoy next year. This measure arrives after years of progressively harder conditions for the self-employed to do business.

"On the other hand, the government continues to increase the wage costs of low-qualified workers, not only minimum wage increases, but also in the form of social packages," said Vlachynský.
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Jana Liptáková, 19.12.

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