Let’s Ban Uber and Live in the Trees

Recently, the news that the General Advocate has advised the Court of Justice of the EU to recognize Uber as a standard taxi service appeared online. First, we should probably admit that the attorney was doing his job conscientiously. He examined the defined characteristics of Uber and applied them to the individual boxes of regulations and legislation. What came out of it was de facto the ban of operations of Uber’s business model. If Uber had fulfilled all the requirements which the authorities wanted to impose on it, Uber would no longer be Uber, but a standard taxi service accessed through an app.

INESS je nezávislé, neštátne a nepolitické občianske združenie. Všetky naše aktivity sú financované z grantov, 2% daňovej asignácie, vlastnej činnosti a darov fyzických a právnických osôb. Naše fungovanie, rozsah a kvalita výstupov, teda vo veľkej miere závisí aj od Vašej štedrosti.


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