The World After Brexit and Trump.
April 28, 2017

The World After Brexit and Trump.

The Free Market Road Show is a series of conferences and panel discussions that tours all over Europe - from Scandinavia to Montenegro, from Spain to the Ukraine. More than 400 experts participate, presenting aspects of key economic questions in 45 cities, involving the audience into a vital discussion of economic and public policy questions. The 2017 Free Market Road Show will bring together leading business people, outstanding scholars and students, opinion leaders, policy experts, elected officials, diplomats and other interested parties from across Europe to discuss the aftermath of two historic events. Namely, Great Britain decision to leave the European Union and the election of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States of America. The 2017 FMRS will focus on the consequences this may bring to free trade and free movement of people. Moreover, we will discuss whether we are witnessing a popular uprising against political elites. In a year with elections in major European countries, this topic is particularly relevant. This year's topics include Trade agreements, Intellectual property and the Public interest, Economic consequences of Brexit and Trump's policies, and many more. Click here for more information about the 2017 Tour



Robert Murphy

Texas Tech University


Christopher Lingle

Professor of Economics


Ivan Štefunko

Progresivne Slovensko


John von Kaufmann

Embassy of Canada


Lukáš Krivošík



Peter Bárdy


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The 2017 Free Market Road Show will present two main panels focusing on:

1. A Major Economic Reconfiguration: The End of the Free Trade Era?

Free trade and its discontents; Protectionism; Trade agreements; The sharing economy; Intellectual property and the Public interest; Economic consequences of Brexit and Trump’s policies.

2. Troubled Times in a Divided World.

How to close the gap between people and elites; The parallel world of the media; How to find a balance between tolerance and the danger of eroding European values? The European Union after Brexit - are France and the Netherlands next?

The conference working languages are Slovak and English, simultaneous interpreting will be available the whole time.

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Institute of Economic and Social Studies is a non-governmental and apolitical independent think tank in Bratislava, Slovakia. INESS monitors the functioning and financing of the public sector, evaluates the effects of legislative changes on the economy and society, conducts in-depth analyses and drafts reform proposals, and comments on current economic and social issues. It is the most frequently quoted Slovak economic think tank in broadcast and print media.

The Austrian Economics Center (AEC) is a politically independent research institute committed to disseminating the ideas of the Austrian School of Economics. The AEC considers public policies, identifies economic alternatives, and attempts to realize them based on rigorous analysis and academic research. The AEC’s basic goal is the promotion of a free, responsible and prosperous society. To achieve this goal, it considers economic and socio-political questions, prepares studies, and recommends solutions.

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